This award-winning garden takes the inside, out

This apartment garden is a totally dreamy space – perfect for city dwellers to spend an afternoon in.

The garden space, which is officially titled Villa Jardín, took out the Landscape Architecture / Outdoors Design prize at the American Architecture Prize 2017. It ties the newly constructed building seamlessly into the surrounding environment, unifying the indoors with the outdoors.

The use of elements that are traditionally reserved for interiors enables the garden to operate with a higher degree of functionality than you’d normally find in an outdoor space.

The architects, ASP Arquitectura Sergio Portillo, explain:

“The design process inserted targeted elements that produced a series of specific, outdoor spaces whose function is directly related to the apartment’s indoor activity.”

“The indoor section has a linear axis with access to the rooms crossing through the common, semi-private, and private areas. Likewise, the outdoor layout follows a parallel design; a wall runs along the axis that encloses and divides the areas based on the required activity.”
A pergola joins two terraces, one of which houses a living and dining area with vertical gardens built from wooden boxes reclaimed from the shoring system used in the construction.

“Three transition elements were built with reinforced concrete, each with its distinctive energy,” the architects explain.

“The first is a pool of water that symbolises the purification of the access space, while endowing the access with movement and sound. The second consists of a garden of energy stones, while the third is a vegetable garden, designed to blend the gully’s natural vegetation with the terraces.” 

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