In the quest for a new home, being surrounded by the right individuals makes all the difference. People and timing are everything. The right agent can pave the way to your very own tailored destination by handing you the right advice, tools, and approach to selling your home.


Luckily, the Gianniotis Team is here to help you on every step of your real estate journey.

 For many sellers, finding the right agent to sell their home can be a challenge. But what if there was an agent who could adapt to your future wants and needs? What if there was an agent who could be more than just an agent, and you could be more than just a client?

Joanna prides herself on her presence during every step of the client's journey, and her clients believe so too- whether it be an inspection or an open home, her involvement is constant.

With proven and consistent results, the Gianniotis Team prides itself on personability, passion and commitment to their sellers. Posing as the physical human connection which breaks the barrier between real estate and life, the team assists Joanna in telling each client their real estate story. Culminating over 18 years of experience, Joanna has become one of the most recommended agents in Camp Hill.

At the Gianniotis Team, we like to do things differently. We value our personal relationships with each client whilst providing a legitimate expert to advise our clients on their real estate journey. Guiding you through all challenges with contingency strategies, our process and experience enable us to anticipate any issues whilst mindfully caring for your situation.

An expert in her field, Joanna Gianniotis utilises nearly two decades of hands-on real estate, managing multiple lists of buyers for each property. In gaining a better understanding of the market, Joanna also connects with her clients on a personal level.  Every query, concern, and want is assisted to and answered. Being a master of her craft, Joanna and her team provide a keen eye for detail whilst being passionately helping create memories and moves.

Joanna Gianniotis